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Christmas Family Picture Pose Ideas

Year 3 art medium term planning
observations about the starting points for their workDisplay portaits, photographs.Include 2 people.Collect own family photographs.Discuss thoughts and feelingsStart mark making exercise.pencil, charcoal, brushes2To collect visual and other information to help them develop ideasAsk children to work in pairs and pose to show different relationships eg mother/child, brother/sister, father/son.Draw different poses
christmas family picture pose ideas

Draw a portait of themselves and othersSketchbooks3To apply their experience of materials and processes including drawing and developing their techniquesColour mixing exercises - tones, tints, tonal scale addinwhite/black.Make a composition showing relationship between two figures.Explore how to mix and apply paint.4To compare ideas, methods and approaches in their own and others workDiscuss compositions produced/compare with work of real artists5To adapt their work according to their views and describe how they mught develop it furtherProduce a large scale group/collaborative picture combining a number of figures in a group composition: holiday scene, Christmas scene, family picnic, children playing.Or link with technology and make moving figures, rearrange them inton a large composition - groups of four.Portraying relationships QCA 3AClass/Year/TermAbbey Junior School Medium Term PlanningSubject Art Y3Abbeyjuniorschooljuly2002.
I'm sorry but Italy like a gay family picture for a Christmas card.. But its so cute
Picture Posting Time: Did your Life Group or your family do Operation Christmas Child boxes? Post some pictures
Lawwlllll family Christmas picture 2010.. my hair was seriously perfect back then
Family picture
Early Christmas picture(: our little family<3
Picture Posting Time: Did your Life Group or your family do Operation Christmas Child boxes? Post some pictures to share some of the love!
Family picture lifeguard dog family
Imagine getting one of those family Christmas card photos and having this as the picture
Its like a family christmas picture
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