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Core Curriculum Lesson Plan Template

Steps using the common core lesson plan template
STEPS: Building Your Common Core Lesson Plan using the Template

1.Grade Level Circle your grade level(s).2.Teacher/Room Indicate your name & room number.


Content Area Check the main content area that your plan addresses.

If integrating, check the content area that applies.*** Rememberit is critical to integrate literacy across the curriculum.

4.Standard(s) The standards will come either from the JCPS curriculum map or the Kentucky Core Standards (KCAS) per your grade level for the focus of your lesson.Use the format for referencing the standard.You will also want to go to the Progressions and find the standard.Work backwards from your grade level to determine if additional vocabulary/concepts need to be addressed.It is helpful to have collegial conversations to unpack the standard to determine the criteria you are working to meet.

5.Guiding Questions (aka Essential Questions).The guiding question is to be written in the first person, starting with a question word.

For example, if you were to teach a lesson on text features, your guiding question that you might construct could be: How do I use text features when I am reading an informational piece? Notice that the question is written from the perspective of the student thinking as they work to navigate the genre.For resources to support construction, refer to the wikispace: for additional resources.
6.I CAN's These come from JCPS's Kentucky Core Academic Standards Support Document and/or KDE.I CAN's are student friendly objectives better known as learning targets.They can also be created through collegial conversations while unpacking the standard for your specific grade level.

Refer to the wikispace for additional resources.

core curriculum lesson plan template
.Academic Language/Vocabulary Take the key words from the standard itself and ANY progressions that apply.See the wikispace for additional resources.

8.Activator (CHETL3: Instructional Rigor & Student Engagement {blue}.This is the "hook" before your lesson begins to maximize student engagement.

Use the wikispace for additional resources.

9.Mini Lesson (CHETL 1: Learning Climate {green} & CHETL 4: Instructional Relevance {yellow}.Check if whole, guided &/or independent.

Cite the scientifically based best practice (SBRR) resources & page numbers you are using.

10.Differentiation Check if you are differentiating by content, process, &/or product.See wikispace for resources.

11.Performance Task This is what the student will DO to show that they know.

For example, write a journal entry about the main idea.See wikispace for additional resources.

12.Assessment (CHETL2: Classroom Assessment & Reflection {pink} & CHETL5: Knowledge of Content {purple}.Check summative or formative.

Write a description to the assessment.For example, at the end of a lesson I would check formative and write - exit slip -Identify two ways to be safe on the playground.Use resources on wikispace, Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning by Jan Chappius or the Classroom Assessment for Student Learning (CASL): Using it Right, Doing it Well by Richard Stiggins & J.



Integration.Check how you are integrating: either media or research skills.

To be ready for college, career ready (CCR) in a technological society, students need the ability to gather, comprehend, evaluate, synthesize, and report on information and ideas, to conduct original research in order to answer questions or solve problems, and to analyze and create a high volume and extensive range of print and nonprint texts in media forms old and new.Use resources on wikispace for resources..
Common Curriculum - Check this out - great potential & free. Ties lesson plans & common core
Free Technology for Teachers: Common Curriculum Helps You Create Common Core Lesson P (via
Free Technology for Teachers: Common Curriculum Helps You Create Common Core Lesson Plans | via
Common Curriculum Helps You Create Common Core Lesson Plans
Free Technology for Teachers: Common Curriculum Helps You Create Common Core Lesson Plans
Common Curriculum Helps You Create Common Core Lesson Plans
Common Curriculum | Search for common core standards in your lesson plans - for FREE
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Common Curriculum Helps You Create Common Core Lesson Plans
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