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Hollow Core Slab Construction

Tech analysis 2
41 | PageBaltimore Washington Medical Center Womens Center and Inpatient Tower Glen Burnie, MD

Megan Wortman

Construction Management
Consultant: John Messner 5.1 Problem Statement The structure for the Womens Center and Inpatient Tower is primarily a cast-in-place concrete system; however, part of the structural system is composed of structural steel framing with of an existing mechanical room, a structural steel truss system was used wer.

The steel framed truss supports the area above the existing mechanical room for levels three through eight

image taken from the patient tower side shows the The bottom right image taken from the existing hospital side shows the steel beams that will support the precast plank system.

For this area, precast hollow core concrete planks were used for the flooring of the structure.

The precast planks were chosen because they require no formwork or shoring in the construction process.

Because this area of the building is located in a congested area on the inside corner ecast panels was somewhat difficult.eliminating precast hollowcore concrete planks from this area, and using a composite slab system for the flooring system.

This analysis will focus on the cost impact, schedule impact, aFigure 21:

Photos from Patient Tower illustrating the steel truss above the mechanical room
42 | PageBaltimore Washington Medical Center Womens Center and Inpatient Tower Glen Burnie, MD

Megan Wortman

Construction Management
Consultant: John Messner 5.2 Goal The goal of this technical analysis is to demonstrate that a composite slfor the area above the existing mechanical room.

This analysis will focus on the cost impact, schedule impact, rete can be eliminated from the project.

The costs of the precast panels will be removed from the project budget, and the costs of the structural steel beams, metal decking and additional concrete will be added to the budget.

To determine the cost impact of changing the structural flooring system, the cost of using composite slab will be compared to the cost of precast concrete planks.

Along with the cost impact, the constructability of the two systems will be reviewed.

The review will consist of an analysis of the structural performance of the composite decking and slab.

This analysis will then be compared to the precast concrete planks performance.that may exist for constructing each of the structural systems.

The change from precast concrete planks to a composite slab may also have an impact on the project schedule.

This alternative system may potentially r the structural system of the patieconcrete is used for the rest of the tower, the time is minimum.

By using a composite slab, the concrete planks will be eliminated; therefore, the time needed to order and deliver the planks can be reduced
hollow core slab construction

Also, because the concrete slab is placed using a pump, the structure can continue to go up without the use of the crane.

With the precast panels,

this issue, the schedule may be shorter with the composite slab.

The schedule and sequencing differences between the two systems will be illustrated using a 4D model.

Because this analysis requires design of the composite slab, it will be used for a structural breadth for my thesis research.5.3 Analysis Steps Compile all information that corresponds to the steel truss and precast concrete panel structural system.

Details pertaining to the construction of the precast panels and a description of the precast panels will also be reviewed.

This may include any issues thatctural professors and students.

Design and analyze the composite metal decking and concrete slab system.

Create a schedule and budget for the alternate system.Develop a 4D model to illustCompare the costs and durations of the alternate system to the original system.5.4 Resources and Tools Whiting-Turner Team- Bruce DeLawders Health Group Architectural Engineering Faculty (Professor Parfitt and Professor Hanagan) Belfast Valley Contractors- Chris Miller
43 | PageBaltimore Washington Medical Center Womens Center and Inpatient Tower Glen Burnie, MD

Megan Wortman

Construction Management
Consultant: John Messner Microsoft Excel 5.5 Composite Slab Design 5.5.1 Beam Design in RAM Structures The design of the composite slab began with the layout of the structural steel beams in RAM Structural System.

The area of the building thin RAM Structures.

The sizes and layout of the existing structural steel columns and beams remained the same throughout the design.

The beams for the composite slab were only pieces being designed in RAM Structural Systems.

To design the correct size beams for this area, a composite slab was chosen from the Nucor Vulcraft Group online catalog.

The slab that The concrete used is normal weight concrete (145PCF).

The metal decking has a clear span of 121 and has a sediameter and 4.5 long.

Please see Appendix C for an image of the Deck/Slab Property Information window from RAM.

The dead and live loads we the beams were designed.

The live load was taken directly from structural drawings for the BWMC Patient Tower.

The dead load was calculated ng Load) + 2psf (Misc.) + 75psf (Comp.

Slab)* = 84
*Composite Slab= 6 Concrete Slab (Normal Weight- 145
LL= 80psf + 20psf (partition walls) = 100psf

Please see Appendix C for an image of the Surface Load Properties from RAM.

Based on the composite slab and loads used, the beams that were designed in RAM consisted of five 8x10 wide flange beams.

In order to be within the metal decking span of 121, these 8x10 wide flange beamand shear stud design is illustrated in Figure 22.

Once the beams were designed in RAM, the connections were
44 | PageBaltimore Washi
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