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List Of Suffixes With Examples

Copyright 2009 LessonSnips Suffixes

A suffix is a letter, syllable, or word that is added to a root or stem of a word to either form a new word or add to its meaning.Suffixes are placed at the end of the root word.

The main thing that a suffix shows is how it will be used in a sentence and how it is classified, in terms of whether the word is a noun, a verb, an adverb, or an adjective.

Suffixes are very useful because if one knows how to identify suffixes and what they mean, one can identify what kind of word it is in terms of vocabulary.

Verb Suffixes: identifies the tense of the verb and its meaning.Suffixes like the one listed below generally show that the word is a verb.

- Example:

- Example:

- Example:

-b is being used in the present continuous to signify a process of doing Example:

--- Examples:

personalize: to make personal

imitate: to make imitations

simplify: to make simple

Noun Suffixes:

Words with the suffixes listed below show that they are nouns and have the following meanings:

-- Examples: -ance (the act of performing)

E-ence (the act of existing or the state of being)

------ Examples:

-ant (one who assists)

-ent (one who studies) -er (one who teaches) -or (one who acts) ian (one who does and studies history) -ist (one who does and creates art) LESSON PREVIEW

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list of suffixes with examples
.com Suffixes

--act of or the result of or the condition of Example: -ion (the act of operation)

- Example:

-ment (act of committing)

- Examples:

- = happiness (quality of being happy)

-ness (quality of being great)

Adjective Suffixes: are suffixes that show that the words are adjectives and have the following meaning:

-- Examples:

understa-able (able to be understood)

-ible (able to be accessed)

- Example:

-er (more strong)

- Example:

tough -

--- Examples:

-ive (have the quality of acting or moving)
- Example:

-ful (to be full of care)

- Example:

-less (without a heart)

- Examples:

biology (study of life processes) Egyptology (study of Egypt)

Adverb Suffixes: the following identifies the word as an adverb and expresses the manner in which something is done.

--- Examples: -ly (in a natural manner) -fully (in a manner of hope) -wise (in the manner of a clock) LESSON PREVIEW

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Copyright 2009 LessonSnips Suffixes Questions Multiple Choice:

1.A suffix is a letter or syllable or word that is added to a root word at:


The beginning


The middle c.

The end d.None of the above

a.The study of something b.The superlative of something c.

The quality of something d.The result of something

Identify the suffix and determine whether it is a verb, noun, adjective, or adverb:

3.Spoken Suffix: _________
Type: ______________

4.Helpful Suffix: _________
Type: ______________

5.Anticlockwise Suffix: _________
Type: ______________


Sculptor Suffix: _________
Type: ______________


Musician Suffix: _________
Type: ______________

8.Listens Suffix: _________
Type: ______________


Clarify Suffix: _________
Type: ______________

10.Happiest Suffix: _________
Type: ______________


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