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Red Cabbage Indicator Hypothesis

Ph value
Indicator is independent variable is __________________ and the dependent variable is _______________.

1.Data table
2.Drawings: cups with indicator, products being tested, indicator plus substances being tested --

3.Graph of the results: from the most acidic to the most of red cabbage indicator (done by the teacher the night before)

1.Cut ! of a cabbage into small pieces.

2.describe the color of each substance to be tested - best to use color pencils!


place a labeled beaker in front of each substance to be tested

8.describe the color of the indicator


add about 10mL of red cabbage indicator to all labeled beakers

red cabbage indicator hypothesis
.add drop by drop (up to 15 drops) of substance being tested to each corresponding beaker with indicator until you see a color change

11.organize all beakers from most acidic to most basic using the pH scale for red cabbage juice as a guide

12.describe the color change in each beaker

13.estimate the pH value of each substance by using the pH scale for red cabbage juice

14.classify each product as acid, base, or neutral

15.slowly pour 2 mL of vinegar into 2 mL of baking powder and write your observations


add 2 mL of milk into each cup (A & B).

Add six drops of water, one drop at a time, to cup A.

After each drop, mix well and record any change.

Using vinegar, repeat the procedure with cup B and record any changes.

Pour all substances in the waste beaker & rinse each used Remember no traces of water on your working area or -25pts for each member of the lab questions) Answer the following questi

4.From the most acidic to the most basi.
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