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Sample Explanation Letter For Tardiness

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Have been the subject As I mentioned in out meeting yesterday, your overall work performance is generally

problems which must be corrected.The first is the increasing amount of time and frequency of personal phone not offered any explanation of these phone calls, so my assessment is based on objective observation.The second problem is your tardiness in returning from the lunch break.Within the past that all future tardiness will be marked as "0" time, and your pay will be docked effective immediately.These two problems are gradually affecting your overall productivity.Unless improvement occurs you are specifically warned that you may receof work." Moreover, it may be necessary to take further disciplinary action up to and including dismissal, unless these problems are correctadvantage of this opportunity.It is my sincere hope that we will be able to work constructively toward improvement.Sincerely,
Pamela Reynolds

I have received the original of this letter:
Employee’s or Representative’s File

Reviewed May 2007.


A Research Paper

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the

Requirements for the Master of Science Degree in

Training and Development

Approved: 4 Semester Dr.Joseph A.Benkowski, Research Advisor
The Graduate College

University of Wisconsin - Stout

May, 2004 ii The Graduate College

University of Wisconsin Stout

Menomonie, WI Initial)


Dr.Joseph Benkowski

May 2004


(Graduate Program)

(Research Psychological Association, 5 Manual Style

Businesses expect employees to arrive at the workplace with basic soft skillsinclude personal attributes like punctuality.

The purpose of this research study was to examine Wisconsin.environment, school failure and its relationship to school tardiness and absenteeism, school home influence on school tardiness and absences, and the effect of work on school behavior and

iiiperformance.The research showed that working students are significantly different than their fellow students.

Working students are more punctual atwill exhibit the same tardiness pattern at work as well as at school was strongly supported.

That unexcused absences in school, a significantly higher GPA for females than for males, and a

ivTABLE OF CONTENTS .Page LIST OF LIST OF PROBLEM AND Problem Research Significance of the Study .3 Limitations of the CHAPTER II: REVIEW OF Problem Tardiness and Absences in the Work Tardiness and Absences in the School School Interventions to Deviant Students Insights on Deviant School Home Influence on School Tardiness and Effect of Work on School III: RESEARCH 1st 3 Weeks

2nd 3 Weeks

3rd 3 Weeks

9 Weeks Total

Pearson Correlation.

.611 .204 .499

.589 Sig.

(2 tailed)

.001 .298 .007

.001 Classes Tardy in th Qtr.


28 28 28

28 Pearson Correlation

.631 .385 .590

.693 Sig (2 tailed)

.000 .043 .001

sample explanation letter for tardiness
.000 Classes


28 28 28

28 On the second measure of tardiness - minutes late at work - the hypothesis is also supported for most weeks in the study period.

ThWhen comparing the working studentsschool tardiness pattern for the entire year.

The correlation was almost, but not quite significant for the 1


Working Students Minutes Tardy at Work

31 1st 3 Weeks

2nd 3 Weeks

3rd 3 Weeks

9 Weeks Total

Pearson Correlation.

.317 .256 .685

.468 Sig.(2 tailed)

.101 .188 .000

.012 Classes Tardy in th Qtr.


28 28 28

28 Pearson Correlation

.370 .391 .669

.531 Sig (2 tailed)

.052 .040 .000

.004 Classes


28 28 28

28 Hypothesis 5: Student tardiness and unexcused absences at school are not correlated.absences are positively correlated (Table 5).

That is, students who are frequently tardy also have p .000, when examining data for the entire student body and for the student body with the year.

While still significant, the probability decreases for both the 4th Quarter tardiness, p .019, and 4th Quarter unexcused absences, p .016.

Furthermore, working student data is no

32 Class Tardies for Year

Class Tardies 4th Qtr.

TABLE Correlation.

.339 .334 .616 .239


.432 Sig.(2 tailed)

.000 .000 .000 .000


.019 Absences


644 615 29 632


29 Pearson Correlation.

.326 .322 .444 .223


.344 Sig.(2 tailed)

.000 .000 .016 .000


.058 Abseth Qt


632 603 29 634


31 Hypothesis 6: Unexcused absences and GPA are negatively correlated.fewer unexcused absences and that students with low GPAs will have greater unexcused absences was shown to be true (Table 6).

This statement can be made with a high degree of pulled out.

While still statistically significant, the correlation between working students Unexcused Absences for Year

Unexcused Absences 4th Qtr.

TABLE Correlation.

-.513 -.520 -.420 .-.472


-.395 Sig.

(2 tailed)

.000 .000 .023 .000


.028 GPA


644 615 29 634


31 Hypothesis 7: Student tardiness and GPA are not correlated.

33The data disproved the hypothesis for most students but supported it for the working students, show that a high GPA is highly correlated with a low number of class tardies (and a low GPA is highly correlated with a high number of class tardies), both for the entire year and versa), but working students - who as a group are more punctual at school than their classmates (Table 1) - do not show this same pattern.

Class Tardies for Year

Class Tardies 4th Qtr.

TABLE Correlation.

-.439 -.439 -.332 -.387


-.280 Sig.(2 tailed)

.000 .000 .079 .000


.127 GPA


644 615 29 634


31 Hypothesis 8: School tardiness is evenly distributed over the course of a school year.statistically different in their tardiness patterns during the 4 the school year, one would expect a mean of 25 for each quarter for both working and non-working students.

However, the mean number of tardies for working students was 23.9930, and the mean for non-working students was 28.1274.

34This suggests that as a whole, students have a greater number of tardies during the 4the school year.

While working students have significantly less overall tardines
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