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Standard Unit Of Measure Abbreviation

NDC Unit of Measure (For Nevada Medicaid and Nevada Check Up Claims)

The National Drug Code (NDC) Billing Unit Standard designates fmeasure to describe all drugs:

mgramational unit).

container label displays the appropriate unit of measure for that drug.

measure should not be included on your claim, but it is used to help calculate uantity, SXC Health Solutions offers two tools to providers to determine the NDC unit of measure.

Tool 1

The National Drug Code (NDC) Billing Reference contains complete billing requirements along with a list of commonly administered drugs and the corresponding NDC unit of measure (at me

Tool 2

Providers who continue to have problems determining the unit of measure may submit a list of their top NDCs to SXC Health Solutions
standard unit of measure abbreviation

In return they will receive the correspondmeasure for each NDC submitted.

To take advantage of this second tool, send an email to and attach to the email your list of NDCs in an Excel spreadsheet form ject line of the email.

Please limit your request to 150 drugs.

On your sp-digit NDC as you would on the claim, i.e., without any dashes, hyphens or other punctuation.

For instructions on entering leading zeros, please refer to the claim form instructions specified in Field 24A of CMS-1500 and Field 43 of UB-04.

The ollowing table shows a sample of the information that will be returned via you do not have access to Excel format or have further questions regarding NDC, please email your questions to SXC Health Solutions at Nevada.Medicaid@sxc.comsubject line of the email.

NDC Unit of Measure for Nevada Medicaid and Nevada Check Up Claims 12/05/2011.
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