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Storytown Fourth Grade Spelling Words

4th grade pacing guide0910
Fourth GradeStoryTown Pacing Guide2009-2010 School Year1LessonLiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabulary
Weeks 1-6

Lesson 1-5
Book 4

Winning Catch

Theme 1 - Facing ChallengesLesson 1The Hot and Cold SummerSkill:

Character's Traits and Motivation
Strategy: Use Story StructureWords with Short Vowels & Vowel Diagraphs
Spelling: pact, brand, brick, crop, broad, tread, film, else, gram, gum, dread, spend, past, plot, check, split, sting, strap, task, twin

AccuracyForm: Character Description
Trait: Voice

Declarative & Interrogative SentencesBelow: The Secret Word
On: The Backpacking Trip

Above: A Laugh a Minute pact, queasy, foisted, venture, annoyed, deprivingLesson 2Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out QueenSkill:

Character's Traits and Motivation (review)
Strategy: Use Story Structure (review)Words with Long Vowels & Vowel Digraphs

Spelling: cheese, heel, season, boast, chief, gape, aim, brain, fluke, crayon, eagle, throw, rose, student, goal, woke, ripen, cube, rainbow, scrapeAccuracy (review)Form: Descriptive Paragraphs
Trait: Voice

Imperative & Exclamatory Sentences: InterjectionsBelow: Annika Sorenstam: A Big Day
On: Bart Starr: Star of the Ice Bowl
Above: Miki Gorman: The Amazing Runner legendary, gaped, snickering, stunned, muttered, flinched, glared, flukeLesson 3Danitra Brown Leaves TownSkill:

Compare & Contrast
Strategy: Answer QuestionsWords with Variant Vowels & Diphthongs
Spelling: toll, faucet, boyhood, choice, dawn, awful, foist, daughter, flaw, annoyed, royal, allow, destroy, blew, spoon, shampoo, brown, renew, wooden, wordReading RateForm: Narrative Poem
Trait: Word ChoiceSubjects & PredicatesBelow: Our Car Is Not a Star!
On: Jen Is Gone
Above: See You Soon, June surrender, particular, sparkling, clusters, sizzles, strollFourth GradeStoryTown Pacing Guide2009-2010 School Year2LessonLiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabularyLesson 4Kai's Journey to Gold MountainSkill:

Compare & Contrast (review)
Strategy: Answer Questions (review)Words with Inflections ed, ing
Spelling: counting, craned, seemed, burned, chopped, cracked, begged, moving, slipped, sailing, trimmed, shopping, returned, watching, pushed, visited, cringed, screamed, scratching, flappingReading Rate (review)Form: Journal Entry
Trait: Word ChoiceComplete & Simple Subjects & PredicatesBelow: Chun Teng Comes to America
On: Two Brothers from Italy
Above: In My Own Countryaverted, fury, interrogation, stern, accusing, solemnly, cringed, cranedLesson 5Pedro Puts On a Play (Reader's Theater)Skill:

(Review) Character Traits & Motivation, Compare & Contrast
Strategy: (Review) Use Story Structure & Answer Questions (Review)

Closed Syllable Patterns, Open Syllable Patterns, Syllable Patterns: Vowel Digraphs
storytown fourth grade spelling words
.Inflections: ed, ing
Spelling: Review(Review) Accuracy & Reading Rate Revise & Publish Selected Previous Writing Assignments(Review) Declarative & Interrogative Sentences,

Imperative & Exclamatory Sentences: Interjections,

Subjects & Predicates,

Complete & Simple Subjects & PredicatesBelow: Sonia's Extra Special Dish
On: A Day in the Life of Oakdale
Above: A House is a Home(Introduce) culinary, downcast, consternation, vivid, extensive, serenely, reminiscent, pensive, recruit, commenced
Weeks 6-10Book 4

Winning Catch

Theme 2 - Getting The Job Done Fourth GradeStoryTown Pacing Guide2009-2010 School Year3LessonLiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabularyLesson 6On The Banks of Plum CreekSkill:

Plot: Conflict & Resolution
Strategy: Monitor Comprehension: RereadWords with Consonant -le
Spelling: circle, angle, cradle, ladle, castle, ruffle, juggle, ankle, battle, candle, fable, riddle, icicle, sparkle, jungle, tangle, marble, sizzle, paddle, handleIntonationForm: Summary Paragraph
Trait: IdeasCompound Subjects & PredicatesBelow: On The Shore of the River
On: A New Home on the Prairie
Above: At The Edge of the Forestresponsible, darted, jostling, swerved, attentive, pounced, contradictingLesson 7Justin and the Best Biscuits in the WorldSkill:

Plot: Conflict & Resolution (review)
Strategy: Monitor Comprehension: Reread (review)Words with VCCV: Same Medial Consonants
Spelling: letter, ladder, appear, lesson, soccer, classic, hollow, supper, accent, pizza, officer, lettuce, better, slipper, bottom, ribbon, summer, college, occur, rabbitIntonation (review)Form: Narrative Paragraphs
Trait: IdeasSimple & Compound SentencesBelow: Kianna and the Stubborn Cow
On: Maya and the Everglades Alligator
Above: Benito and the Redwood Treereluctant, rumpled, surge, inspecting, taut, untangled, resounded, lurkedLesson 8Three Little Cyber PigsSkill:

Author's Purpose & Perspective
Strategy: SummarizeWords with VCCV: Different Medial Consonants
Spelling: history, number, hunger, company, window, welcome, blanket, perhaps, service, subject, thunder, furnish, jersey, mother, secret, harvest, winter, problem, chapter, nursePhrasingForm: e-mail

Trait: Organization

Prepositional PhrasesBelow: The King's Computer
On: Once Upon a Time in Cyberspace

Above: The Princess in Cyberspace slick, nimble, impressed, cease, exist, fierceFourth GradeStoryTown Pacing Guide2009-2010 School Year4LessonLiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabularyLesson 9Weaving a California TraditionSkill:

Author's Purpose & Perspective (review)
Strategy: Summarize (review)Words with VCCCV
Spelling: monster, complete, hundred, kitchen, sandwich, surprise, applause, although, conflict, mattress, purchase, merchant, pumpkin, angry, Thursday, ostrich, punctual, address, chestnut, luncheonPhrasing (review)Form: Explanatory Paragraph
Trait: OrganizationClauses and Phrases; Complex SentencesBelow:
3rd grade pacing guide2010 11
Lesson LiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabulary Book 3-1

Twist and Turns

Theme 1 - School Days
Lesson 1Ruby the CopycatSkill:

Characters and Setting
Strategy: Use Graphic OrganizersShort Vowel /a/a, /e/e, /i/I, /o/o, /u/u
Spelling this, went, jump, still, last, dust, tell, drop, shut, lamp, stop, felt, drink, clock, standAccuracyForm: Descriptive Paragraph

Trait: Ideas

Sentences: Statements & QuestionsBelow: Lia Leads
On: Trust Rey
Above: I Am Paige Bridges trudged, gushed, coincidence, pleasant, modeled, murmured, loyal, recited, frustrated, imitatedLesson 2The Day Eddie Met the AuthorSkill:

Characters and Setting (review)
Strategy: Use Graphic Organizers (review)Root Words & Ending ed, ing

Spelling: saved, moved, riding, waking, pulled, taking, hopped, baking, picked, having, letting, running, drawing, folded, shoppedAccuracy (review)Form: Interview

Trait: Ideas

Commands & ExclamationsBelow: The Hero
On: Music To My Ears
Above: Jana's Eyes conquer, resistance, assembly, plenty, dismiss, squirmed, patchwork, autographed, ponder, anticipationLesson 3Schools Around the WorldSkill:

Locate Information
Strategy: Use Prior KnowledgeVowel Diagraphs: /e/ee, ea,

/a/ ai, ay,

/o/ oa, ow
Spelling: deep, play, lean, glow, team, away, slow, trail, dream, stain, toast, speed, raise, sweet, layerReading RateForm: Paragraph of Information

Trait: Organization

Complete & Simple Subjects & PredicatesBelow: School Long Ago
On: A School in a Garden
Above: Guide Dog School proper, boarding, chores, certain, resources, culture, tutor, uniforms, literacy, diverseLesson LiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabularyLesson 4Ellen Ochoa, AstronautSkill:

Locate Information (review)
Strategy: Use Prior Knowledge (review)Plurals: s, es
Spelling: ants, toys, flies, things, boxes, games, lines, rocks, wishes, ladies, dishes, babies, bushes, glasses, puppiesReading Rate (review)Form: Biography

Trait: Organization

Compound Subjects& PredicatesBelow: Julie Morgan: Castle Builder
On: Mary Anning: Fossil Hunter
Above: Clara Barton: The Angel of the Battlefield persevere, confidence, talented, apply, research, invention, hinder, disappointed, ambitious, attainLesson 5The School News (Reader's Theater)Skill:

(Review) Character & Setting, Locate Information
Strategy: (Review) Use Graphic Organizers, Use Prior Knowledge (Review) Short Vowels /a/a, /e/e, /i/i, /o/o, /u/u
Root Word & Endings -ed,
Vowel Diagraphs /e/ ee, ea /a/ ai, ay /o/ oa, ow

Plurals -s, -es
Spelling: Review(Review) Accuracy, Reading RateRevise and Publish Selected Previous Writing Assignments

(Review) Statements & Questions, Commands & Exclamations, Complete & Simple Subjects & Predicates, Compound Subjects & PredicatesBelow: News Today!
On: Special Report: The Kicker Cup
Above: Science Fair Live! (Introduce) viewers, survive, camouflage, concealed, independent, donated, media, feature, image, popular Book 3-1

Twist and Turns

Theme 2 - Together We Can
Lesson 6The Babe and ISkill:

Fact & Opinion
Strategy: Monitor Comprehension: RereadCompound Words
Spelling: pickup, cannot, outside, bedroom, upstairs, raindrop, baseball, hallway, airplane, mailbox, sunshine, homework, classroom, something, playgroundPhrasingForm: Character Sketch

Trait: Sentence Fluency

Simple & Compound SentencesBelow: Nuna Gets a Chance
On: The Great Race
Above: Taking Picturesskim, span, shabby, embarrass, midst, elevated, dazed, collapses, contribution, initiativeLesson LiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabularyLesson 7Aero and Officer Mike: Police PartnersSkill:

Fact & Opinion (review)
Strategy: Monitor Comprehension: Reread (review)Consonant Diagraphs: /ch/ ch, tch,

/sh/ sh, ch,

/(h)w/ wh
Spelling: chin, itch, push, chef, when, wash, much, sharp, pitch, where, peach, child, wheat, chance, machinePhrasing (review)Form: How-To Paragraph

Trait: Sentence Fluency Common & Proper NounsBelow: Pigeons: Birds Bringing Words
On: Monkeys: Making A Difference
Above: Amazing Animal Tales! babble, suspicious, scent, wanders, whined, obey, demonstrate, patrol, accompany, competentLesson 8How Animals TalkSkill:

Main Ideas & Details
Strategy: SummarizeDiphthongs /ou/ou, ow,

/oi/ oi, oy
Spelling: foil, loud, gown, coil, house, annoy, growl, moist, enjoy, round, spoil, mouse, clown, bounce, cowboyPunctuationForm: Descriptive

Trait: Word Choice

AbbreviationsBelow: Talking Senses
On: How Do You Say Hello?
Above: Code Talkers charging, ferocious, signal, flick, alert, communicate, chatter, grooms, dominant, conflictLesson 9Stone SoupSkill:

Main Idea & Details (review)
Strategy: Summarize (review)Consonant Blends str, scr, spr

Spelling: spray, street, sprint, stripe, screen, strong, spring, stray, scream, strike, spread, string, sprout, scratch, streamPunctuation (review)Form: Summary

Trait: Word Choice

Singular & Plural NounsBelow: How Bear Lost His Tail
On: The Coat of Patches
Above: The Stonecutter dense, reaction, generous, banquet, gaze, agreeable, curiosity, famine, ingredients, momentumLesson LiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabularyLesson 10The Case of the Three Bears' BreakfastSkill: (Review) Fact & Opinion, Main Idea & Details
Strategy: (Review) Monitor Comprehension: Reread, Summarize (Review) Compound Words
Consonant Diagraphs /c/ch, tch;

/sh/ sh, ch; /(h)w/ wh

Diphthongs /ou/ ou, ow; /oi/ oi, oy

Consonant Blends str, scr, spr

Spelling: Review(Review) Phrasing

PunctuationRevise and Publish Selected Previous Writing & Compound Sentences, Common & Proper Nouns, Abbreviations Singular & Plural
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