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Unit Of Measure Abbreviations

Definitions and abbreviations
Definitions and Abbreviations Form Approved 03/28/2011 OMB Control No.2060-0657 Approval Expires 03/31/2014 DEFINITIONS AND ABBREVIATIONS Section

Page Number eum Refinery ICR: ...1Definitions for Petroleum Refinery ICR: ..Abbreviations for Petroleum Refinery ICR: $ U.S.

dollars $/amt U.S.dollars per amount to be defined $/gal U.S.dollars per gallon $/kWh U.S.

dollars per kilowatt hour $/lb U.S.dollars per pound $/scf U.S.dollars per standard cubic feet $/yr U.S.dollars per year %


less than

plus or minus

greater than or equal to C degrees Celsius F degrees Fahrenheit 20 lb/ton coke burn-off

SO emissions limit in 40 CFR part 60, subpart J, of 9.8 kg/Mg (20 50/25 ppmv SO limit SO emissions limit in 40 CFR part 60, subpart Ja of 50 ppmv SOdry basis corrected to 0 percent exbasis and 25 ppmv, dry basis correct365-day rolling average basis (40 CFR 60.102a(b)(3)) acfm actual cubic feet per minute ADL above detection level Definitions and Abbreviations Form Approved 03/28/2011 OMB Control No.

2060-0657 Approval Expires 03/31/2014 AGA American Gas Association amt/yr

amount to be defined per year APCD air pollutionAPI American Petroleum Institute AQMD Air Quality Management District As

arsenic ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASTM

American Society atm atmospheres bbl barrels bbl/cd

barrels per calendar day bbl/sd

barrels per stream day bbl/yr barrels per year BDL below detection level

Be beryllium BOD5 5-day biological oxygen demand BOX test batch test with oxygen addition BQ

benzene quantity Btu British thermal units Btu/lb

British thermal units per pound Btu/scf

British thermal units per standard cubic feet BTX benzene, toluene, and xylene BWON Benzene Waste Operations NEC1 through C5 hydrocarbons with one to five carbon atoms CAA

Clean Air Act CAS

Chemical Abstracts Service CBI

confidential business information CCU

catalytic cracking unit Cd cadmium CEMS

continuous emission monitoring system CFR Code of Federal gas

CMS continuous monitoring system CO carbon monoxide Definitions and Abbreviations Form Approved 03/28/2011 OMB Control No
unit of measure abbreviations
.2060-0657 Approval Expires 03/31/2014 Co cobalt

carbon oxygen demand COS

carbonyl sulfide Cr chromium

hexavalent chromium CRU

catalytic reforming unit

carbon disulfide CTM Conditional Test Method

D/F dioxins and furans DCU delayed coking unit DGA diglycolamine DIAL Differential Absorption DIPA diisopropanolamine DLL detection level limited DOE Department of Energy dscfm dry standard cubic feet per minute EBU enhanced biodegradation unit E-cat

equilibrium catalyst

EFR external floating roof EIA Energy Information Administration EMC

EPA Emission Measurement Center EPA U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency ERT EPA Electronic Reporting Tool ESP electrostatic precipitators ETBE ethyl tert-butyl ether

site-specific fraction of organic compounds biodegraded FCCU fluid catalytic cracking unit FCU fluid coking unit ft

feet gal/day gallons per day gal/min gallons per minute gal/yr gallons per year GC/MS gas chromatography-mass spectrometry Definitions and Abbreviations Form Approved 03/28/2011 OMB Control No.2060-0657 Approval Expires 03/31/2014 GFAAS graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry GPA Gas Processors Assocation gr/dscf grains per dry

hydrogen S

hydrogen sulfide

sulfuric acid HAP

hazardous air pollutants HCl hydrogen chloride HCN hydrogen cyanide HE

heat exchange HF hydrogen fluoride Hg

mercury HON Hazardous Organic NESHAP hr hours hr/yr

hours per year ICAP/MS inductively coupled argon plasma/mass spectrometry ICR

information collection request ID

identification number or code IFR internal floating roofs Iso C5,C6 isopentane (aka 2-methylbutane), isohexane (aka 2-methylpentane) IUPAC International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry kWh/yr kilowatt-hours per year lb pounds lb/ft

pounds per cubic foot lb/hr

pounds per hour lb/yr

pounds per year LPG liquefied petroleum gas LT/cd

long tons of sulfur per calendar day /s cubic meters per second


Maximum Achievable Control Technology MDEA

methyl diethanolamine MEA ethanolamine MeCl methylene chloride MeOH methanol

Mg megagrams Definitions and Abbreviations Form Approved 03/28/2011 OMB Control No.2060-0657 Approval Expires 03/31/2014 mg/dscm milligrams per dry standard cubic meter

mg/L milligrams per liter Mg/yr

megagrams per year MM lb

million pounds MMBtu/hr

million British thermal units per hour MMBtu/scf million British thermal units per standard cubic foot MMcf

million cubic cubic feet per calendar day MMgal/day

million gallons per day MMscf/cd million standard cubic feet per calendar day Mn manganese MON Miscellaneous Organic NESHAP

MTBE methyl tert-butyl ether MW

megawatts MWh

megawatt-hours N/A

not applicable NAD North American Datum NaSH sodium hydrosulfide; also known as sodium bisulfide, sodium sulfhydrate and sodium hydrogen sulfide NATA National Scale Air Toxics Assessment ND no data NEI National Emissions Inventory NESHAP national emissions standa ammonia Ni

nickel No.


oxides of nitrogen NSPS

new source performance standards

Oxygen OMB Office of Management and Budget OTM Other Test Method P&ID process and instrument diagram PAH polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons Pb lead PCB polychlorinated biphenyls Definitions and Abbreviations Form Approved 03/28/2011 OMB Control No.2060-0657 Approval Expires 03/31/2014 PCDD Portable Document Fo
I'm fairl sure a calorie is a unit of measure in energy. Since stored it is stable & activated generates heat as calories active
Since when is "children" an appropriate unit of measure for speed?
If I really wanted to know the degree of an angle on a unit circle Id grab my handy dandy protractor and measure the damn thing.
Speaking of chemistry: Happy Mole Day.! It's the day chemists celebrate everyone's favorite unit of measure.
We're checking with Weights and Measures to get "ass-ton" documented as an official unit of measure. We'll get back to you.
"This much stuff" is a unit of accurate measurement often used to measure paths on bullshit mountain.
It's funny because a skeleton is made of bones and has the word ton in it which is a unit used to measure weight!
Math 6:27 And who of you by worrying and being anxious can add one unit of measure (cubit) to his stature or to the span of his life? (Amp)
what is the unit used to measure the circumference of a pumpkin? Pumpkin pi hahaah ok back to study you go :P
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