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Vbscript Open Text File

How to create PDF file from VBScript: example "Hello, PDF!"PDF Creator Pilot can be used in VBScript, Visual Basic scripted language.This page contains step by step tutorial how to createPDFfile from VBScript using PDF Creator Pilot library.Windows 98/2000/ME/XP has a built-in VBScript interpreter so all you have to do is to create text file which contains script and saveit using ".vbs" extension.1)InstallPDF Creator Pilotlibrary on your computer2)RunNotepadand create new text file.3)To create a PDF file from VBScript, you have to write a very simple script that will do the following steps:1.create and initialize PDF Creator Pilot object;2.set filename for the PDF file;3.draw "Hello, PDF!" message on the PDF document;4.disconnect from the library.Content of "HelloPDF
vbscript open text file
.vbs" file:' create pdf library objectSetPDF = ")' initialize PDF EnginePDF.StartEngine "demo@demo", "demo"' set AutoLaunch flag to TRUE to automatically open the generated pdf generationPDF.AutoLaucnh = TRUEPDF.FileName = "HelloPDF_VBS.pdf"' start document generationPDF.BeginDoc' draw "HELLO, PDF" message on the current PDF "Verdana", True, False, False, False, 14, 0PDF.PDFPAGE_TextOut 10, 20, 0, "HELLO, PDF!"PDF.PDFPAGE_EndText' finalize document generationPDF.EndDoc' disconnect from librarySetPDF = NothingFeel free to copy this code to the notepad and save it as a "HelloPDF.VBS":4)Double-click "HelloPDF.VBS"file from Explorer or from another file manager and it will run the script.If you have PDF viewer installed (for example,Adobe Acrobat Reader), then the script will openHelloPDF_VBS.PDFfile as shownon the screenshot below:You can find the source code of this example in ..
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